• TC + ME - the internet is a big place!
  • Thankfully, our cookies are big enough to share and now, we’ve made sharing even more rewarding!
  • Earn Rewards by posting to
    Instagram, TikTok, & Facebook

    *Must tag and mention us to get rewarded*

    100 Point = $1.00 of store credit
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  • 5,000 Views = $1.00 Get paid for views! We’ve got the cheat code – Download our tried and true viral content and post it on your account or create your own videos.

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  • Do you feel like you have a extra high level of reach? Contact Us

    *Points are converted to Taylor Chip cash monthly*

  • How It Works
    • Sign up with your email address and Tiktok, Instagram, and Facebook username.
    • Post a photo or video with you and a Taylor Chip cookie on your Instagram, Tiktok, or Facebook.
    • Tag Taylor Chip in the caption and post on Insta/FB. Mention @taylorchip in your TikTok videos.
    • Use relevant hashtags to increase visibility i.e. #cookies, #gooeycookies #freshbaked #taylorchip.
    • Complete the steps and earn points. Points are calculated and converted to Taylor Chip cash.
    • Every month an email with a gift card is sent out by the 2nd week. Can be used for local or online.
  • Sign Up

    please include email and username handles for the platforms you want to earn on!

    ✔ Thank you! Your application has been submitted.
  • What We Love To See

    High Resolution: Ensure you are posting high resolution content to Instagram and TikTok! We love good lighting :)

    Be Authentic: We love seeing genuine, warm hearted content. Whether that’s filming a taste test video with a friend or posting a photo taking a bite of a cookie.

    Highlight The Brand: Show enjoying a Taylor Chip cookie by ensuring the product is clearly visible.

    Be Yourself: Share your experience and your smiles. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  • Posting Rules

    Terms & Conditions
  • FAQ
    • How do I get rewarded? Ensure that you have tagged @taylorchip in the caption on Instagram or mention @taylorchip on Tiktok. Make sure you Tag/mention our main FB Brand Page @taylorchipcc. At the end of every month, points will be calculated and converted to Taylor Chip Cash.
    • When should I expect my points? Points are calculated and converted at the end of every month. An email will be sent with a Taylor Chip gift card by the second week of every month.
    • Can I get points on any other platform? While we encourage you to share on other platforms, points are only rewarded for posts on Instagram, Tiktok, and Facebook at this time.
    • Are Instagram stories included? No, Instagram stories do not count as a post.
    • How do I ensure my post is valid? Make sure your account is public, tagging the correct brand, following the guidelines listed, and upholding the Terms & Conditions. On Tiktok, do not forget to mention @taylorchip in the comments.
    • Who do I contact if I do not receive points or have questions about the program? Please email joyful@taylorchip.com for any questions
  • Posting Rules

    • Posts must be made from accounts that are public
    • Posts must be posted from an active account. NO ACCOUNTS WITH 0 PREVIOUS POSTS
    • Posts must tag @taylorchip on Instagram and mention @taylorchip on TikTok. Tags and mentions must be visible and clickable
    • Facebook Posts Must Be Taging Main Brand Page.
    • Posts must visibly display a person holding a Taylor Chip cookie or box of cookies and tag appropriate handles
    • Story posts do not count
    • No competing brands can be featured or tagged in posts
    • Posts must be original content; content that has not been posted previously
    • Posts must be owned by the creator

    Terms & Conditions

    • Post must meet all the post rules criteria above in order to be eligible for points
    • Taylor Chip has full content rights of tagged Content and may use any of the posted content for marketing purposes with no expiration date
    • Taylor Chip may update the point structure at any time
    • Joining the TC & Me Program does not mean you are affiliated with Taylor Chip. After purchasing products from Taylor Chip, you are awarded points by sharing & tagging on social media. You will not receive free product or PR packages within the TC&Me program